Membership & Billing

How much is a Grid Bike Share Membership?

Pay As You Go: $7/hr.
7 Day Pass: $10/week
Monthly Basic: $15/month (3 months minimum)
Monthly Plus: $20/month (3 months minimum)
Student: $25/six months (.edu email address required)

Monthly Basic and Student memberships include 60 free minutes of cumulative riding time each day (Monthly Plus members get 90!). Riding time resets daily at midnight. If you go over your free minutes, you’ll be charged by the minute at $7.00 per hour on your credit or debit card. There’s a $2 convenience charge if you lock outside of a Grid hub and a $20 fee for locking the bike outside the Grid Bike Share system area. Our monthly memberships require a 3 month minimum commitment.

The Pay As You Go plan and 7 Day Pass are great options for visitors, occasional riders, or those wishing to try out the system. The Pay As You Go plan adds value to your account which is redeemed as your ride. Once you sign up for this plan, you’ll choose an amount to be deposited into your account which you can use to reserve, ride, put a bike on hold or lock outside a station. Any additional usage will be billed at the hourly rate and prorated by the minute. The 7 Day Pass includes 180 minutes of riding time to use within one week.

There are also annual Business and Community Memberships available with special group rates. For more information contact:

How do I purchase a membership?

Memberships can be purchased online through the Grid Bikes website, at a Grid station kiosk, or via the SoBi app. Monthly members will receive a membership card that can be used to easily check out a bike by tapping the card to the keypad and then entering a PIN.

Will my membership renew automatically?

Our monthly and most annual memberships will renew automatically. If you don’t want to renew your membership automatically, you can opt out by logging into your account and unsubscribing to your membership, which will then expire at the end of your payment period and will not be renewed. Monthly memberships require a 3 month minimum commitment.

Will I incur any extra charges?

Additional time beyond any included minutes will be prorated by the minute at the rate of $7.00 per hour. The maximum charge for usage is $25 per day. Locking outside of a Grid hub will incur a $2 charge. There is a $20 fee for locking the bike outside the system area. On the flip side, if you pick up a bike parked at a public bike rack and return it to a Grid hub, you’ll be rewarded a $1 riding credit on your account (resets monthly).

Do I have to use my free minutes all at once?

Not at all. Please use your free minutes however you’d like. Daily minutes expire at midnight and 7 Day passes expire at midnight on the 7th day.

Can I check out more than one bike at a time?

Invite a friend or three because you can check out up to four bikes at a time with the same account number and PIN!  The first bike will be rented under the original membership plan and all other rentals will be charged by the minute at the hourly rate. All charges will be billed to the credit card on file.

Using The Bike

Do you have to be a certain age and height to ride?

A Grid Bike Share membership can be purchased by anyone 18 or older with a credit or debit card and you must be 16 to ride. Our bike seat post is adjustable and will fit those in the range of 5’ to 6’-4” tall.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Helmets are not required to ride, but we do recommend them!

Can I reserve a bike in advance?

Yes. A bike can be reserved from the SoBi mobile app. Once you reserve a bike, you’ll have 15 minutes to unlock it. The clock starts ticking once the reservation is made.

How do I unlock the bike?

Purchase your membership online, through the Social Bicycle mobile app or at the kiosk. Follow the prompts and enter your account number and PIN on the keypad (annual, monthly and student members can tap their membership card and enter the PIN).  Unlock the bike, place the lock in the holster on the left side of the keypad and get ready to ride happy!

Can I put a bike on hold if I need to make a stop?

Sure! Just hit the HOLD button on the keypad before you lock the bike. You can put it on hold for up to one hour at a time, just remember that you are still ‘on the clock’  while the bike is on hold and will apply toward any free usage time that you have. If you need more time, return to the bike before the hour is up and extend the hold on the keypad.

How do I lock the bike?

When locking to a designated Grid hub, be sure to position your bike with the back panel next to the green circle on the rack blade. Remove the yellow U-lock from the holster and position it so that it’s secured to the rack and into the designated holes on the side of the back panel of the bike . Check the keypad to make sure the bike is locked which is indicated with a THANK YOU. If you hear a beep, that means the lock isn’t properly engaged and is usually solved by pulling the lock outward. Occasionally, the lock may be hitting a spoke and you may need to turn the wheel slightly to clear it. If the bike is not registering as locked and you have adjusted the U-lock multiple times, please contact customer service at 602-753-4743.

Be sure to always lock your bike at a Grid hub or at a public bike rack that will accommodate the U-lock.  There will be a $2 convenience fee for locking outside of a Grid hub and a $20 fee for locking the bike outside the Grid Bike Share system area.

Bikes & Stations

Tell me about the bikes.

Our smart-bikes from Social Bicycles (SoBi) have brains! This sets them apart from other bike-share systems. On the back of the bike is a GPS-enabled, solar-powered panel with an on-board lock. With this panel, you can check out the bike, unlock and lock it, put it on hold and report a problem. It will even let you know how many miles you rode and how many calories you burned by logging into your SoBi account.

Besides our big basket, another favorite feature on our bikes is the chainless shaft drive. You won’t have to worry about your pants getting caught or getting greasy! They also have nifty extras like 3 speeds, an adjustable seat post, front and rear lights that illuminate automatically, puncture resistant tires and a bell (just above the left hand grip – give it a turn!).

What are Grid hubs?

A Grid hub is where you go to find, check out and return a bike. It’s equipped with bikes, racks and a map. You can also park outside of a hub for a nominal $2 fee. You’ll also see smaller, sponsored Grid hubs on site at businesses around town. We thank them for making it easy to ride a Grid Bike to their businesses and encourage you to support them!

How to Troubleshoot

The bike is not working. What do I do now?

If you encounter a mechanical problem, press the REPAIR button on the keypad before locking the bike and checking out another available bike. If you need further assistance or are having trouble locking the bike, please contact customer service at 602-753-4743.

How do I report a stolen bike?

Bike share theft is rare, but if it does happen, please contact customer service immediately at 602-753-4743. You must do this within 24 hours. You will be asked to fill out a theft report form and we also request that you call or visit the police precinct in which the theft occurred within 24 hours to file a police report. Your credit card may be charged for the cost of recovery or replacement of the bike. To prevent theft, always lock the bike to a bike rack when not in use.